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  Time To Change Your Drinking Habits

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Say goodbye to excessive drinking and hello to a healthier, happier you.

Start your journey to sobriety

Unlock the true benefits of leading an alcohol-free life.

Change your views towards drinking.

Drinking alcohol is everywhere in our culture.  We do it to celebrate, commiserate, to meet friends old and new – it is centric to our every day lives.  And this is OK for some people, and for some…it is not.

We have all found our community here for different reasons, but all with the same goals – to reduce our alcohol intake – to find our own Alcohol Off Switch.

But, where we are in life will vary, as will our desires.  So, where are you at the moment when it comes to your relationship with alcohol?  Are you looking to totally rid yourself of drinking?  Or just taking a break?

Discover the benefits of sobriety, from improved mental health to stronger relationships.

Wherever you are, embrace and enjoy all of the benefits that sobriety has to offer you!

Improved Mental Health

More Money

Healthier Heart

Better Relationships

More Confidence

When you quit alcohol, these are just some of the benefits that you will reap along your sober journey.

Once you can learn to change your relationship with alcohol and see it for the poison that it is, the benefits really do carry on and seep into every aspect of your life.

The alcohol off switch is a collection of approaches.  Approaches that have helped countless people quit drinking and improve their lives.

Are you concerned about how much you drink?

Is alcohol your ‘go-to’ when it comes to coping mechanisms?

Do you set drinking limits that you always surpass?
Do you feel defensive whenever someone talks about your drinking?
Have you had any health-related issues due to drinking?
Do you crave for a drink? 

It is time to make that change in your relationship with alcohol

Find your own Alcohol Off Switch, hit it and never look back!

The Alcohol Off Switch was borne from a belief that there is actually an ‘off-switch’ that people have inside them.

It just takes different ways of hitting that switch for different people. For some, it could be simply reading a book or watching a film. Something striking a chord, to help you on your way to sobriety. For others, it will be far more complicated.  But it is there.

What Happens When You Find Your Alcohol Off Switch?




Alcohol is an addictive substance that can take hold of your life and give you nothing back.

The Alcohol Off Switch will show you how to change your relationship with alcohol so it does not become a controlling part of your life.

You may want to stop completely, take a break from drinking or just reduce the amount that you drink.   If this is the case, then we have guidance and resources that will help you achieve your goals.

What is the Alcohol Off Switch?


Is there such a thing as an in-built switch to turn off the desire for alcohol?

The term ‘Alcohol Off Switch‘ has long been used to describe when a person switches off the desire to drink.  This can come at different times in people’s lives.  Happiness, health, a want for a better-quality life.

Whatever the reason, finding your own alcohol off switch can be like switching a light on in your life.

Alcohol off switches vary from person to person.  Let The Alcohol Off Switch help you find your own path to sobriety.

Read around this site – interact with others, explore resources and find your own inspiration to quit drinking!

I am guessing that you are reading this because you are looking for your ‘alcohol off switch’.  This has been said in jest, in reference to themselves or others, in so many scenarios and walks of life over the years. 

Often, too often it is very common for people to think that they have no off switch when drinking.  Almost like it is just ‘a given’.  One of those things.  The way it is.

Once drinking has started, it carries on for far longer than you intended. 

Does this sound Familiar?

“I have no off switch when I start drinking”

And this can feel so very true, if it iis one too many the night before, or drinking has become a daily crutch.  Once we get down the path to feeling that we need alcohol, we often feel like we have no off switch when it comes to drinking. 


Truth is, we all DEFINITELY have an alcohol off switch.  It is how and where that alcohol off switch is.  That is finding the key.

Hit Your Own Alcohol Off Switch – Changing your relationship with alcohol.

Unravelling your beliefs about alcohol.  Piece by piece. 

  • No more hangovers
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Improve your life & those around you
  • Save money
  • Experience the true benefits of leading a teetotal life continue