6 of the best sober apps to help quit alcohol

January 1, 2022

6 of the best sober apps to help quit alcohol

Some people love tech, and some people simply hate it. Horses for courses. But regardless of personal preferences, there is no argument that apps for support with quitting alcohol are showing some great success.

Apps that can count how long you have been sober, set goals, and full-on communities of people within these apps.

A quit alcohol app is an amazing tool to add to your arsenal of sobriety resources.

You may be trying to kick alcohol out of your life totally, or just looking at reducing the amount of alcohol you drink – either way there are some great apps around that can aid you to success.

We have taken a look at some of the more popular sober apps, and shared our own comparisons.

So, let’s look at some of the best sober apps out there!

I am sober

I Am Sober APK 6.1.1 - Free Lifestyle App for Android - APK4Fun

In this day of technology, there is a multitude of tools that can help you continue on the quitting alcohol recovery timeline. Here is a sample of some of the best currently around online.

Ask the 35,000+ people who’ve given our app a 5 star review. This app is one of the most important on my phone. The accountability and motivation it has provided me has been invaluable to my recovery.

Find the I Am Sober App here!


SoberTool - Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help – Apps on Google Play

Sobertool teaches you how to think and act like a sober person. And you are never alone when you need help because sobertool is right in your pocket! Works with any addiction or bad habit.

FInd The Sober Tool Here!


Sober Grid - Social Network – Apps bei Google Play

Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober peop You are instantly connected to a global sober community in your neighborhood and around the globe.

Instant Connection:

24/7 Support:

Whether it’s the middle of the night or a sunny morning, SoberGrid never sleeps. Whenever you need someone to talk to, share my triumphs, or seek advice, there’s always a compassionate and encouraging soul ready to lend an ear.

Safety and Anonymity:

SoberGrid is how it respects my privacy, as it should. We can interact with the community and share my journey without revealing personal information. This anonymity provides a safe space to open up and be honest about my experiences.

Find Nearby Sober Friends:

Traveling or feeling alone in your sobriety journey? SoberGrid’s “Burning Desire” feature is a godsend! It allows users to connect with sober friends nearby, making it easy to find like-hearted individuals, no matter where you are.

Daily Inspirations:

SoberGrid’s daily inspirations and motivational quotes are like a warm hug on tough days. They remind you of your strength and that you are not alone on this beautiful path to healing.

Sober Challenges:

The app’s sober challenges are a fun way to stay engaged and committed to my goals. From daily check-ins to milestone celebrations, the challenges keep users accountable and motivated.

A Global Support Network:

SoberGrid is a worldwide community of support.

Simple habit

Simple Habit: Meditation App – Apps on Google Play

Simple Habit is #1 app for your wellness & sleep recommended by top psychologists, therapists and mental health experts




Great for simplicity and tracking your progressIt’s so simple to use, and it tracks your sobriety time from the SECOND you stopped drinking / using. I use this app every single day as a reminder of how far I have come. The daily quotes are great and a helpful push on those rough days all of us in recovery go through

Get Sobertime quit alcohol app on Playstore

Get Sobertime quit alcohol app on Applestore

Nomo App for Sobriety

Nomo is the brainchild of two fathers – Parker and Michael. They devised the app to track their own recovery from alcohol. There were similar apps around for other topics, but they wanted an app that offered a great community while also tracking their sobriety.
Nomo records the time that you remain alcohol free in minutes right through to years.

Simple and Intuitive:

One of the first things that drew me to Nomo is its user-friendly interface. From the moment I downloaded the app, it was effortless to set up and get started. No complicated features or overwhelming menus – just straightforward and easy to use!

Counting Those Sober Days:

The app does an amazing job of keeping track of sober days. Every time I open it and see that number growing, it fills me with pride and motivation to keep going. Plus, it sends encouraging messages and milestones as users hit new achievements!

Helpful Tools and Insights:

Nomo is like having a personal sobriety coach right in your pocket! The app offers various tools, like a sobriety calculator, savings tracker (goodbye, expensive drinks!), and even a mood journal to jot down feelings and progress.

Community and Support:

The best part about Nomo is the built-in community support. I’ve connected with so many inspiring individuals on the app, all walking a similar journey. The chat rooms and forums allow us to share experiences, uplift one another, and remind ourselves that we’re not alone in this beautiful battle.

Customizable and Private:

You can customize my sobriety goals, reminders, and even the layout of the app. It truly feels like my personal space to reflect on my journey without any judgment.

Positive Reinforcement:

The app’s motivational quotes and daily affirmations are just what I need on those challenging days. Nomo’s team seems to know exactly what to say to keep users motivated and focused on their goal.


If you’re on your own journey to sobriety or just need some extra support, Nomo App is a must-have in your pocket!

Get Nomo quit alcohol app on Playstore

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