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Make Sobriety Your Priority

60 Days Sober!!

Sixty days sober! OK, it was only a few days since I last blogged about being 8 weeks sober. But, 60 days sober just sounds like a milestone that needs to be written about.

Plus, the app that I use recognises it as a milestone – so am sticking with it and including this one 🙂

I have decided that rather than use the previous methods of breaking down my health, sleep, appetite etc when it comes to writing, I will now just reflect.

And reflect I will.

I do not think that it has quite hit home, the enormity of not consuming alcohol for 60 days. Ok, the last time that I wrote a blog was at the 8 week point, so only a few days. But there is something a bit big for me – not drinking for 60 days – something a bit poignant.

It might well be the Royal Navy training, as that was 8 weeks and now at the 8 weeks point I KNOW that this is absolutely the longest that I have not been drunk for.

During basic training, I think we actually consumed alcohol twice and on both occasions we were closely monitered. And with this it was the weakest beer I think I have ever seen in my life. I did not even know that beer that weak existed, but anyway – alcohol none the less. And Now I know that I have gone past that point.