A Shiny List Of Great Reasons Not To Drink Alcohol

Like we need to spell it out! Seriously, if you are reading this on the Alcohol Off Switch, then one thing that we bang our drums about are all the great reasons not to drink alcohol. It is literally sprawled all over this website! Pretty obvious why? We think so.

So, today I just thought I would write this blog listing some of the great reasons that pop into my head whenever I think about leading an Alcohol Free Lifestyle.

As always, the list is not exhaustive, but it is exhilarating as is the journey of sobriety itself 🙂

Hit your life with these awesome reasons not to drink!

You will truly live a better version of yourself.

Gone will be the days that you

You will never have to worry about hazy memory nights due to drinking

Kinda remembering, but kind of not…not sure of where you actually went, ate or did due to drinking too much alcohol. Sound like a familiar story? All those confused nights and days, lost memories. Even blackouts. Rid alcohol from your life and presto! You will be more alert, living in the moment and actually remembering the events of the night.

You will feel younger and better than ever.

Waking up without a hangover, your mouth feeling healthier, a less cloudy day without alcohol in your system. This all adds up! You will feel more alive and vibrant than you have done in years. This is not just our experiences, but words repeated again and again across rehabs, sober groups and wherever people hang out to kick alcohol into touch. The feeling of just being younger and healthier echoes around constantly.

Money, money, money!

This topic always comes up whenever we talk about the hands down best reasons not to drink. And why shouldn’t it? With all that money that you would otherwise be throwing down the toilet (in some form or other!), just think of all of the lovely things you could do. For yourself or even just to be nice to someone else.

All of those drinks, and extra drinks soon add up in price. Money literally fritters away for the life of a drinker. When you decide to quit drinking for good, you WILL notice more money around you in general. Even when we are generally skint, as a drinker money is always found. If you need reasons not to drink, stop spending the money on alcohol, and it does start to be noticed.

Weight loss is a solid reason not to drink alcohol!

A top, top benefit of quitting drinking is absolutely one of my favourites – weight loss!

Personally, I think I lost over 7 solid pounds in the first four of weeks of quitting alcohol. It was not just the fact that I stopped throwing countless ’empty’ calories down my throat, but I was also not gorging on drunk junk, or cures for hangovers.

It did help as time went on, exercise was increased/introduced to my life but that again would not have happened had the alcohol been axed.

Alcohol is calorific heavy, and what you usually wash down with it might not be the best also for maintaining a healthy weight.

Alcohol-related injuries

So, so many over so many years. The odd bump here, cut there. Vague recollections of drunken falling over, head hitting something, maybe a floor, maybe a door.

Alcohol injures flood our emergency staff.

A better relationship with your friends and family

Being around a heavy drinker is no fun for anyone long-term. Heavy drinkers bring with them a whole world of problems, physical, financial, erratic and a whole host more concerns. Let’s be honest and clear with this.

The flip side of not creating these lives, living alcohol free is a life without added worries that are created purely through drinking too much.

Becoming alcohol-free is trending!

The sober movement is gaining momentum, with sober bars popping up in cities around the world, social media groups and challenges with increasing popularity.

More and more celebrities and stars are openly talking about their support to the alcohol-free movement.

Are you still looking for more reasons not to drink alcohol? If you are, look all around this site, or simply re-read what is written here. If these aren’t great enough reasons to not drink….I don’t know what is!

Be kind to yourself.

Make Sobriety Your Priority.

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