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I am guessing that you are reading this because you are looking for your ‘alcohol off switch’.   Often, too often it is very common for people to think that they have no off switch with alcohol. 

Once drinking has started, it carries on for far longer than you intended. 

Does this sound Familiar?


 The alcohol off switch is-

  • An online resource to help people quit alcohol.
  • A guide to help people understand their relationship to alcohol.
  • A community of people who use this platform as a means of support, and to offer support.]

The Alcohol Off Switch was borne by a belief that there is actually an ‘off-switch’ that people have inside them.  It just takes different ways of hitting that switch for different people.  For some, it could be simply reading a book or watching a film.  Something striking a chord, to help you on your way to sobriety.  For others, it will be far more complicated.  

But it is there X

What the alcohol off switch ‘was’

  • It was a tool to help me in my own sobriety
  • A method of accountability
  • Something to use with my newfound time. 





As I decided to have a life without alcohol, I began writing this blog on the day that I started to make myself accountable. Scary putting it out here, but it was much needed!.

As I have progressed through my sober journey, I have decided to share it all for anyone else to see. And it seems that it helps others too, so I continue to do this.




A message to anyone looking for hope and help.

If you read through my life and see where I have come from then I am sure there will be aspects that you will not relate to. I am also sure that there will be aspects that you will definitely relate to. We are all different and have different views and priorities, and have walked very different paths. But, that grip of alchol….it grips us all with the same grasp, and has no mercy…and is also not very choosy who it decides to take down.



I have tried and failed, tried and done ok, and am now trying and have kicked drinking to the curb. I will never be blase about drinking alcohol and will always walk this life with my guard up.
I have created a toolbox for my own security and would love to share what works for me. It might well just work for you too.

Read my story here.

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