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  Time To Change Your Drinking Habits

about alcohol off switch - certified alcohol coaching

About The Alcohol Off Switch – Sobriety Support

The Alcohol Off Switch was created to offer support on people wishing to get a grip of their alcohol consumption. 

This could be to cut back, or quit alcohol altogether and live an alcohol-free lifestyle.   

A bit about me, and why I am now offering alcohol support services. 

I spent the earlier years of my working life having the privilege of working as a mental health professional for the military, working alongside some of the greatest clinicians the forces have to offer.  

The culture that is military has a strong alcohol theme throughout.  Working in this setting not only armed me with the skills of helping others, it also introduced me to one of the strongest addictions known to man – booze.

A personal battle, amidst helping others in a professional capacity.  Throw in a family and real-world stressors and strains. 


Roll forward several years, I now help others quit drinking, keep on the straight and narrow and reap the benefits of living a sober life!


With over 20 years experience working within mental health services, both in military, hospital and community settings and now an online Sober Coach,  I work primarily with over 40s men and women who wish to change their relationship with alcohol.  

Work with me to 


  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Identify triggers in your life that ends up with alcohol involved
  • Develop alternative coping mechanisms
  • Reap the benefits of living an alcohol-free life! 

support that fits around your life