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About The Alcohol Off Switch – Sobriety Support

What is the Alcohol Off Switch?


Is there such a thing as an in-built switch to turn off the desire for alcohol?

The term ‘Alcohol Off Switch‘ has long been used to describe when a person switches off the desire to drink.  This can come at different times in people’s lives.  Happiness, health, a want for a better-quality life.

Whatever the reason, finding your own alcohol off switch can be like switching a light on in your life.

Alcohol off switches vary from person to person.  Let The Alcohol Off Switch help you find your own path to sobriety.

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I am guessing that you are reading this because you are looking for your ‘alcohol off switch’.  This has been said in jest, in reference to themselves or others, in so many scenarios and walks of life over the years. 

Often, too often it is very common for people to think that they have no off switch when drinking.  Almost like it is just ‘a given’.  One of those things.  The way it is.

Once drinking has started, it carries on for far longer than you intended. 

Does this sound Familiar?

“I have no off switch when I start drinking”

And this can feel so very true, if it iis one too many the night before, or drinking has become a daily crutch.  Once we get down the path to feeling that we need alcohol, we often feel like we have no off switch when it comes to drinking. 


Truth is, we all DEFINITELY have an alcohol off switch.  It is how and where that alcohol off switch is.  That is finding the key.


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