Books about quitting alcohol

When going through the journey of getting rid of alcohol from your life, books are amazing resources.

In fact, whenever I am asked about quitting drinking alcohol, my first go-to method is reading. OK, there are some other go-to methods that I absolutely subscribe to but reading is solidly one of them.

Books about alcohol can help reach and maintain sobriety

Here are my top recommendations. All of them have their own benefits and uses, and I think that predominantly it will be one that you can relate to, that will be the approach that will really stick out in all the books about quitting alcohol.

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace.

The Unexpected Joys of Being Sober

Easyway to quit Drinking by Allen Carr

ebook guide

FInd Your Own Alcohol Off Switch

Make that change.  Work out whatever it is that hits your switch, and gets you on the road to sobritety.

This could be a book, a group, a meeting, a whole new approach to life.  Finding 'your' reason to quit alcohol is personal, on every level.

Learning to change your relationship with alcohol, your views, your beliefs.

Read our guide on how you can begin the journey to find your own 'Alcohol Off Switch'.

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