There are many great books and guides around.  And there will be one that will strike a chord with you.  One that you can relate to.  A method of quitting drinking that you will find your alcohol off switch with.

Here are some of the most successful resources online for quitting drinking.


annie grace quit alcohol program

This Naked Mind - Annie Grace Quit Alcohol Program

Millions of people worry that drinking is affecting their health, yet are unwilling to seek change because of the misery and stigma associated with alcoholism and recovery. They fear drinking less will be boring, difficult and involve deprivation, and significant lifestyle changes.

This Naked Mind offers a new solution. Packed with surprising insight into the reasons we drink, it will open your eyes to the startling role of alcohol in our culture.

quit alcohol program - craig beck

FREE EBOOK- Craig Beck - The Alcohol Expert

The Craig Beck quit drinking method is unique:
No need to declare yourself an alcoholic.
A permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle.
No group meetings or expensive rehab.
No humiliation, no pain and 100% no ‘willpower’ required.
Treats the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

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