The Benefits Of Being Teetotal and Teetotalism

December 28, 2020

The Benefits Of Being Teetotal and Teetotalism

All About The Benefits of Being Teetotal – How Awesome Is Sobriety?!

Reading this? Then you are on a journey to ridding your life of alcohol, and the superb benefits that come with the teetotaler lifestyle.

The more we see of society, the more we seem to be hearing about people choosing the teetotal/t-total/whatever you want to call it lifestyle.

Sobriety is simply becoming more popular. Going out for events, more and more people are heading to the soft beverages before hitting the alcohol pumps. It is times like this that make me smile. A lot.

As we are seeing more of our younger generation realising the benefits of being teetotal, we are becoming more used to seeing people reach for non-alcoholic drinks.

Which is a great thing for society as a whole – welcome to the world of Teetotalism.

But why?? Why are more and more people shunning alcohol for a non-laced tipple? Maybe because some of the massive rewards that a person reaps, by deciding to go T- total include

  • Improved mood
  • Improved skin
  • More Money
  • Self-worth

…to name a few!

Let’s delve a little bit further 🙂

According to Britain’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD) and two specialists from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) – alcohol is THE most harmful drug out there, that is including heroin, cannabis, crack cocaine, and all things in-between.

On a scale of level of harm, 1-100, alcohol is rated as 77 in terms of harm – to put this into context – cocaine is rated 27 and tobacco 26. The harm scale is made up of aspects such as health, dependence, relationships, crime – and more.

And it isn’t simply that most people that surround us do drink alcohol – often they drink to excess. With the current recommended ‘safe’ alcohol intake being set at 16 units per week, I am sure we can all think of people who can drink double this number, and more.

The beneftits of choosing a teetotal lifestyle

But even with this in mind, – drinking alcohol is still one of the world’s most common habits when it comes to drugs -and let’s not forget – that is what alcohol is – a big fat, addictive drug.

The Teetotal lifestyle is becoming more popular

So, are the new kids onto something when it comes to the benefits of being teetotal?

At The Alcohol Off Switch, as you can imagine – we sort of agree with their teetotalism views, and certainly agree with the benefits of being teetotal Maybe agree with teetotalism is an understatement.

We embrace the movement of quitting alcohol, and hope that sobriety gains popularity!

Some reasons that I love the benefits of being teetotal

And in more recent years, seeing celebrities taking the life of sobriety over the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’, surely there is something to this whole teetotal lifestyle. Why are these ‘stars’ opting for a sober life? We don’t have to look far to read about what benefits of being teetotal that they enjoy.

So, why is being teetotal becoming increasingly more popular? We don’t have to dig deep to read about celebrity teetotalers, with more being very open about the lifestyle that they have decided to opt for. From supermodels like Kate Moss, amazing actors such as Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy, and musicians from Eminem to Elton John – all are flying the teetotal flag, and proudly so.

So, Let’s take a look at a list we have compiled together of some great benefits of being teetotal.

First of all – what does ‘Teetotal’ mean?

What even is a Teetotaler?? Or a T Totaller, for that matter!

I am sure we have heard the reference that ‘he/she is a teetotaler’, the reference has been around for decades.

It (teetotal name) dates back to the 1820s and 1830s when alcohol consumption in the United States dramatically increased. Back then, drinking was an all-or-nothing habit, explains Jon Grinspan, curator of political history at the National Museum of American History.

Just with a person going by the word ‘teetotaler ‘alone, it is a way of people communicating the fact that they do not drink alcohol.  To say that “he/she is teetotal, or a teetotaler” would instantly let you know that they do not consume alcohol, and choose the alcohol-free lifestyle, right? 

But by virtue of the way that it sounds, it would suggest that the described person actually drinks tea, or at least likes tea, also correct? 

teetotaler meaning

This is a common misconception! 

I personally have used the word teetotaler to describe myself, but I don’t drink tea, or even hot beverages in general really.   Maybe the occasional cup of hot chocolate, but that is about all that would turn my head in the hot drinks world.

The word teetotal or teetotaler actually has nothing to do with tea  The ‘tee’ at the start of the word teetotal is a ‘re-use’ of the letter ‘t’ and simply put on the end of the word ‘total’.  It is used to put emphasis on the fact that we are abstaining from drinking.

In days gone by, the phrase ‘tee-total’ was used within language to emphasise that we were going to follow through on a given commitment or goal – some might say ‘to a tee’!! 

We might say now that I am ‘frustrated with a capital F’ or angry with a capital ‘A’.  Teetotal was total with a capital T –to show your commitment to removing the booze from your life.

The benefits of being teetotal and living a sober lifestlye!

Why do I, or why does anyone choose to live a teetotal lifestyle? What are the benefits of being teetotal?

I mean, there must be some reason that anyone would choose to live a teetotal life, right?

The answer is, yes! Quite a lot of benefits actually.

list of the real benefits of being teetotal

Living an alcohol free has some very obvious benefits that cannot be argued with. Alcohol costs money, time and health. These facts are non-negotiable. But to what degree that an individual experiences the true benefits of teetotalism and life without drinking, all depends on the individual’s lives and situations.

One thing that is absolute though, sobriety brings benefits.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of being teetotal and walking the path of sobriety.

1.Increased energy

The days of feeling hungover are gone. The days of throwing poisonous alcohol through your system – blocking essential nutrients, opting for the unhealthier choices of foods – all of this poor fuelling of your system will do nothing for your energy levels.

After all, once you have burnt out any excess energy, where are you going to get that burst of life from? Remove alcohol, and start soaking up all of your vitamins and you will see a dramatic increase in your overall functioning as a human being.
Throw into the mix, when you are drinking there is a good chance that you are not getting the right amount of exercise. Or even getting a decent amount of healthy sleep – this will all burn out all of your energy storage.

Once you start sleeping and exercising again, your energy will increase ten-fold!
By choosing to live a teetotal lifestyle, you will reap the benefits with greater energy and a stronger zest for life.

2.Improved sex life

being teetotal can improve sex life

There is the school of thought that alcohol ‘puts you in the mood’ for sex’, and yes alcohol does reduce inhibitions and often get involved in sexual activities that might not have happened if alcohol was not involved.
But drinking to excess in the long term can cause issues for men and women when it comes to sex. I am sure we have heard of ‘brewer’s droop’ – the inability for a man to get or keep an erection, and the struggle to orgasm can happen with women who choose to drink to excess over a long period of time.
Reducing alcohol intake benefits your sex life. You will be more alert, comfortable with your partner and it simply becomes more enjoyable.
Try it, you will not regret it!

3. Feeling mentally more alert

Anyone who has consumed alcohol will be aware of the hangovers and muggy feelings that come with drinking. Live a teetotalism life – and those days are gone. Apart from the fact that you won’t be feeling drunk and all the confusion that can come with that, the morning after the night before will be a lot more clearer.

When I was a drinker, it was not uncommon for me to have forgotten nights or even days where I could not remember details of events. I remember (or rather I don’t remember!) that it was quite common for me to lose my memory, total blackouts of where I had been or what I had done. Scary stuff!! That is one benefit of being teetotal that I really appreciate, and always will.

3. Becoming teetotal will give you more money.

Alcohol expenses have increased year on year, so that alone makes the price of an alcoholic drink expensive. But it isn’t just the price of the individual drink. When people drink, they might consume 4-8-10 or even more drinks. This is far more than a non-drinker would actually purchase. We don’t get THAT thirsty when we are abstaining from drinking alcohol.

Drinking less alcohol gives you more money

Personally, I did not see the financial benefit at first. This took time. I think this could be maybe because I compensated by spending more money on other things like food and bits to treat myself – I used spending to help occupy my time in the earlier days of quitting booze and keep my mind busy. But I could not do this forever – there are only so many things that you need!

Eventually, the money WILL pile up somewhere if you are not spending it on alcohol. Being financially better off is a benefit of stopping drinking that hits you right in the bank balance!.

It is not just the fact that you would have more money – but also how that impacts on your life in general. More money means that you can do more things – the benefits of being teetotal – the improvement of your quality of life really is mind-blowing.

Initially, I did notice bits of money around me whereas previously I had been living hand-to-mouth for many years. Nowadays, I actually have money in the bank! This might be a strange concept to some, but to others I am sure you will be able to relate to simply not having money.

I am not saying that I am rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I can comfortably go shopping and simply buy food that we need without the added worry of throwing a load more money on top of the bill with a load of beer or wine.

4. Maintain a healthier weight

quitting alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol is full of ’empty calories’, and if you are trying to lose weight then this is definitely one of the major benefits of being teetotal.

Cutting down or even cutting alcohol out of your life will have positive impacts on your body’s own weight regulation, and it is very common to lose weight when quitting alcohol. We have written a separate post about this here as it is often a reason why people decide to become teetotal.

As mentioned earlier also, we are much more inclined to exercise more regularly and our body won’t be getting hammered by the poison that is alcohol.

As we continue along our sober timeline, our bodies will naturally become fitter, stronger and healthier due to a good diet, sleep and all of the ‘right’ things that we are doing to our body and mind.

5. A teetotaler has younger looks and a healthier complexion.

Alcohol is physically a strong toxic fluid to put through your body – and anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages to excess will show long-term effects. Think ‘drinker’s nose’, or reddening and blotchiness of skin – just two of the side effects of drinking. An absolute benefit of being teetotal will be present in your looks

Look physically healthier by being teetotal

Alcohol dehydrates your skin and also stops essential nutrients that maintain and heal your body from daily life.
Becoming teetotal will leave you looking healthier, younger and well-rested. Prepare yourself for compliments of how well you look!

As a person who hammered drinking more than anyone I personally knew, I cannot believe the benefits that stopping drinking has brought with it.

When we are contemplating our drinking levels, a great motivator is to consider the actual benefits of stopping drinking alcohol – if we did manage to knock the booze on the head – what will we actually get out of it. Quite a lot, actually.

6. A nicer night’s sleep

Sleep is a thing that you take for granted as a child, and as you go along your drinking career it dissolves into a mess of drink-induced dozing and dragging yourself up for the next day ahead of you. When you quit drinking, sleep comes back like one of life’s true gifts.

the amazing benefits of stopping drinking alcohol

Once you stop drinking, one of the first things you will notice is how much more energy you have. It is a lovely feeling.

Drinking one bottle of wine per week equates to around 27,000kcal per year – around 50 Big Macs! Make no mistake, alcohol is heavy in calories and quitting alcohol is one of the best ways to lose weight and control calorie intake.

7. Your mood state will improve

There is a known link between alcohol, depression, self-harm and even suicide. Alcohol is a very addictive substance that affects both the physical body and the mind. One of the benefits of stopping drinking – within weeks of stopping you will notice a marked improvement in your mental sharpness. You will think clearer and be more aware of your day-to-day ‘self’. By living a teetotal lifestyle, you will make decisions and feel more positive in your choices.

Your mood state improves as you go along your own alcohol timeline. Waking up fresher will impact on your overall day. Your mornings will seem brighter and overall you will face your day with more gusto than the hungover version of you.

Ok this is simply a case of basic mathematics. Work out how much money you spend on alcohol per week or per day. Work out how much that equates to per month, then per year. It all adds up. Quitting alcohol can be a lucrative hobby indeed!

8. Generally you will look better – my most enjoyable benefits of stopping drinking

When you become sober, your skin will be more hydrated, you will look and feel more rested from all of that beauty sleep and you will have more energy, and weight loss as already mentioned. What does all of this add up to? A much fitter and healthier version of you – that is what!

Quitting alcohol, you will notice people around you telling you that you look really well, passing positive comments on your appearance. This will happen A LOT when you stop drinking alcohol. Personally, this is something that I will never tire of hearing


9. You will gain more self-esteem.

This will happen. For me, it happened without me really noticing that it happened…if that makes sense? Quitting alcohol changed my life, bit by bit, but it all added up. I started looking healthier because I had lost a bit of weight. I started dressing smarter because I felt better in my clothes and also quitting alcohol gave me a bit more energy and motivation to be bothered with my appearance.

People commented on it, again it was these bits of changes that turned into bigger ‘bits’ as I went through my journey to free myself of alcohol.

All of these benefits of quitting the booze – some of them massive, some of them not so evident at first. Some of the benefits, I did not even consider would happen…but they did!

10. With all of these benefits to stopping drinking – why would you even consider continuing???

With all of this to look forward to – what choices do you really have? I mean, we all have choices to drink or not to drink. But, let’s put this all in perspective here. Take a look back at all of the benefits of being teetotal that we have just read. Imagine actually experiencing each of these benefits when you quit alcohol….imagine each one becoming part of your life. Fitter, healthier, more confident, more money….and so on.

And I think that we have barely scratched the surface of the benefits of quitting alcohol. I could get on my high horse and talk about the social benefits of teetotal lifestyles, but we will leave that for another day. For now, the benefits to an individual and those surrounding you are immense. And they are there for the taking.

So take them.

Just for the record….

What does a teetotaler actually drink?

teetotaller drink choices - abstaining from alcoholic bevereges

Although I am personally a ‘teetotaler ‘ -I don’t actually like tea! Or any warm drinks for that matter. Living an alcohol-free life does not mean that your drinks have to be boring, however. My current favourite tipples are a huge variety of fruit juices and iced drinks.

A teetotaler is a generic term nowadays for someone who decides not to drink alcohol

That is it, in a nut shell. If you do not drink alcohol, then you are (in theory) a teetotaler. Embrace it! Living an alcohol-free lifestyle should not mean that all of your drinks are boring either!!! We have compiled a list of ideas here to see some alternatives to drinking alcoholic beverages, to give you some ideas to give your tastebuds a treat 🙂

Is teetotalism actually healthier than drinking alcohol?

This is a very fair question. With the press often spinning out articles about the benefits of red wine on your heart, or Guinness containing iron – the list truly does go on.

But is it actually healthier to live a life of sobriety, than to consume alcohol, even to the recommended limits.

In short, yes it is healthier to live a life without throwing poison into your body, no matter how little. You are not missing out on any nutrients or goodness by simply not consuming alcohol. These goodnesses can be and are found in everyday foods.

There is no reason to consider using supplements if you decide to live an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Teetotaler Symbols and Tattoos

Aside from the more common sobriety symbols and tattoos, teetotalers have their own symbols, and I quite like it really!

the teetotal t totaler symbol

It is a symbol that represents a person’s commitment to abstain from all forms of alcohol consumption.

People who choose to get the teetotaler symbol as a tattoo may do so as a way to signify their dedication to sobriety and their commitment to leading a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle. It can also serve as a reminder of their decision to avoid alcohol and the potential negative consequences that can come with it.

Additionally, some people may choose to get a teetotaler tattoo as a way to show support for loved ones or friends who are in recovery from alcohol addiction. Overall, the teetotaler symbol is a powerful and meaningful representation of a person’s commitment to sobriety and living a healthy life.

And it looks cool AF!

To Summarise,

This list of benefits of being teetotal is far from exhaustive. In fact, we believe the strongest benefits of sobriety are often very personal. The ability to do something that you lost confidence in doing, the return of good physical health and a stronger mind. Something in your own life, something personal.

For whatever reason, the tools and support have never been more around us to support a teetotal lifestyle.

There are so many benefits of choosing a teetotal lifestyle, we have listed just a few and I am sure as you go along your own teetotal journey you will notice so many more.

Alan Peter.

Enjoy the ride

What does it mean to be teetotal?

Being teetotal refers to a lifestyle choice where individuals abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages entirely.

What are the health benefits of being teetotal?

Being teetotal has numerous health benefits, including improved liver function, reduced risk of alcohol-related diseases (such as liver cirrhosis and certain cancers), better sleep quality, and enhanced overall physical well-being.

Can being teetotal improve mental health?

Yes, being teetotal can have positive effects on mental health. It may reduce the risk of developing alcohol-induced mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it can lead to improved emotional resilience and mental clarity.

Does being teetotal lead to weight loss?

Yes, abstaining from alcoholic beverages can contribute to weight loss as alcoholic drinks are often high in empty calories. Choosing non-alcoholic beverages instead can support weight management efforts.

How does being teetotal impact social life?

Being teetotal doesn’t have to hinder social interactions. In fact, it can lead to more meaningful connections as it allows for engaging in activities that don’t revolve around alcohol. It also promotes a healthier and more balanced social life.

Can being teetotal save money?

Absolutely! Cutting out alcohol from one’s expenses can lead to significant cost savings, which can be redirected towards other activities or goals.

Does being teetotal improve productivity?

Yes, eliminating alcohol can enhance productivity. Not only does it eliminate potential hangovers or sluggishness, but it also fosters mental clarity and better decision-making.

Can being teetotal improve relationships?

Being teetotal can positively impact relationships, as it reduces the risk of alcohol-related conflicts and misunderstandings. It also allows individuals to be more present and attentive in their interactions with others.

Does being teetotal improve sleep quality?

Yes, avoiding alcohol can lead to improved sleep quality. While alcohol might initially induce drowsiness, it disrupts the later stages of sleep, leading to poor rest and fatigue.

How does being teetotal benefit career and professional life?

Being teetotal can have a positive impact on one’s career by promoting reliability, clear thinking, and better work performance. It can also minimize the risk of alcohol-related incidents that may affect job prospects.

Can being teetotal improve physical fitness?

Yes, being teetotal can positively impact physical fitness by allowing individuals to maintain better control over their diet, stay hydrated, and engage in regular exercise without alcohol-related hindrances.

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