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Stuck For Ideas Of What To Drink Instead Of Alcohol? Read On…

Stuck For Ideas Of What To Drink Instead Of Alcohol? Read On…

Friday night drinks, sunday afternoon with your family and friends, daytime pub meetups – these may be part of your life and something that you do not want to leave behind when going alcohol-free. And you do not need to! You don’t have to sacrifice your social life simply because you have chosen to lead a healthy AF lifestyle. But…what will you drink instead of alcohol?

Non-alcoholic versions of your usual drinks instead of alcohol

There is often the hurdle created by going AF though – what do I drink instead? For years you may have been programmed to simply head for your drink of choice. Now that choice is not an option – so what do you do? Personally, I embraced it! By not drinking alcohol, I have given myself to try drinks that I would have otherwise just not considered.

Some Inspirational Drinks To Replace Alcohol

If you are looking for some ideas – here are some great alternatives of what to drink instead of alcohol.

Tea – Hot or cold

Tea is a staple go-to choice if you don’t drink alcohol. You can buy tea in most places and it has more flavour and choices than simply plain water.

You can drink tea hot, cold, iced tea – there are fruit teas/flavoured teas – teas to help you relax, teas that give you a zing of energy. In place of alcohol, you can try smoked teas, spicy and even chocolate teas. In the world of tea-drinkers, you can become quite the connoisseur if you so wished. But in a base level – it is available practically everywhere giving you a great option without having the fear to choose.

Sparkling Water

Personally, this drink is far too overlooked in general. I have always been a water drinker – strictly water or beer type of man for most of my life.

Since becoming alcohol-free, my eyes have truly been opened by sparkling water.
There are choices of flavours and low/zero calorie options. A great addition to anyone’s alcohol-free repertoire of drinks.

Non-Alcoholic Versions Of Your Usual Drinks

If you genuinely like the taste of what you choose to drink (something that I realised that I do not, since becoming alcohol-free) then there are choices out there to suit every palette.

With most supermarkets boasting a large selection of alcohol-free wines and beers, and pubs and restaurants now stocking in a choice of drinks minus the alcohol content – you will have quite a range to choose from.
The feedback that I have heard from the AF choices is that there is generally a slightly different taste than the ones with alcohol included. But overall the consensus is that they are a great addition to helping avoid alcohol.

Milkshakes And Smoothies are a great substitute when deciding what to drink instead of alcohol

Milkshakes aren’t great for the waistline, OK I get that. But, neither is alcohol right? That is my justification anyway! I LOVE milkshakes, and do not feel any guilt in having one when surrounded by friends chugging away on their alcohol-fuelled drinks.

Milkshakes and smoothies are great AF drinks

There are so many options available, it is just a shame that more places do not stock them. They are quite difficult to find in general pubs, but the ones that do sell them – I salute you 🙂

Another more common drink in pubs and restaurants are smoothies. I was initially put off by some of the weird and wonderful ingredients in them – but seriously, just give some of them a try! Your tastebuds are in for a taste sensation treat 🙂

Ice drinks – I am a Slush Puppie addict !

I had to include this on the list. Since becoming alcohol-free, I have become a Slush Puppie addict! Well, Slush Puppies, Tango Ice-Blasts – and everything in-between!

These drinks usually come in lots of flavours, sour apple, strawberry, raspberry – crazy blue and green colours.

Ice drinks are totally refreshing, last quite a while and taste amazing. If you are looking for a drink with a different taste – add this to your list of what to drink instead of alcohol.

Enjoy your social life without alcohol as a star guest

Going out with your friends or family should not be something to worry about – it should be embraced and enjoyed. Just because you have decided to go alcohol-free does not mean that you should feel that you are missing out. Love every moment and enjoy all of those new drinks out there that you would have otherwise missed out on 🙂

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